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#BrandCustumerResults is a marketing agency that aims to help companies develop a brand strategy, increase customer loyalty and drive continued business growth.

This simple equation encourages all our thinking and creativity


People will form a certain image of your company or brand in any case, whether you deliberately create it or not. And that image will influence their decision to buy or not to buy. Therefore, preparation, long-term image building, a clearly formulated strategy and correctly set goals are necessary even before the buyer's product is chosen on the shelf.


The success of businesses depends, has belonged and will always depend on consumers. Finding contact with consumers again means reaching out to them and explaining why they should do what you want them to do, why they should buy those products and not others. This truth applies to all brands, in all markets, segments and languages.


The brand must grow, and the only thing that needs is real consumption. Therefore, it is very important to analyze, evaluate and understand the key indicators that have the greatest impact on results. Accurate campaign accounting and clearly measurable goals are the foundation and essential part of any brand project.

We believe that goals should inspire, values lead, and habits defined. This is the approach we follow every day.

Purpose Mastery Flexibility Details


Clearly set goals give the team meaning and connect with each other, so together we try to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.


We are passionate about our work as we strive to become the best version of ours. We take measured risk because we understand that making mistakes is not bad as long as those mistakes lead us forward.


The ability to manage stress and withstand pressure is essential. That’s why we talk, listen, and help each other make changes and make the right decisions.


We admire the details and take it extremely seriously, because we believe that such an approach forms a peculiar essence, a hard-to-tangible quality.

Our team

We are a young team of professionals from different fields committed to solving our client's business problems with strategy, creativity and innovation.

Mantas Project manager
Dovydas Graphic designer
Aurimas Creative director / Partner

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